iStopMotion is a comprehensive software designed for creating stop-motion animations, claymation videos, and cartoons. It’s specifically tailored to make computer animation accessible and enjoyable for all ages, and it’s compatible with Mac, iPad, and iPhone devices.

iStopMotion is compatible with Mac, iPad, and iPhone devices. It’s designed to work seamlessly across these platforms, offering a versatile animation experience.

iStopMotion allows you to control the frame rate of your animation. Simply navigate to the project settings where you can adjust the frame rate to suit your needs.

Yes, iStopMotion is designed to work with a variety of devices. You can control iPhone or iPad cameras, webcams, or your built-in Mac camera to capture frames. You can use Apple’s Continuity Cam feature right from the start or install the free iStopMotion Cam App to gain more controls over the camera.

The Apple School Manager is our recommended platform for schools to conveniently purchase multiple licenses. However, for any other licensing inquiries or alternative methods, it’s best to contact our support team directly.