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In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, singer-songwriter Jack Johnson reveals that he made the music video to his latest song with iStopMotion on iPad! We’re huge fans of Mr. Johnson’s music and of course very proud hearing this. We hope for many more music videos like this!

Jack Johnson has long been celebrated for his soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics, which often evoke a sense of tranquility and environmental consciousness. Known for his laid-back and eco-friendly lifestyle, Johnson has consistently advocated for sustainable practices and environmental activism through his music. His decision to use iStopMotion on an iPad for his music video aligns perfectly with his commitment to reducing his carbon footprint and embracing technology that minimizes environmental impact.

iStopMotion, a popular stop-motion animation software, has become increasingly user-friendly and accessible over the years, thanks to advancements in mobile technology. By utilizing this software on an iPad, Johnson demonstrates how technology has empowered artists to express their creativity in unique and imaginative ways. Stop-motion animation itself has a long history in filmmaking and has captivated audiences with its charm and whimsical appeal. Johnson’s choice to incorporate this technique into his music video showcases his willingness to explore new artistic avenues while staying true to his signature style.

The use of iStopMotion on an iPad not only offers Johnson greater creative control but also provides him with the freedom to work on his projects anytime, anywhere. The portability and versatility of the iPad allow artists to break free from the constraints of traditional studio settings, enabling them to tap into their inspiration on the go. This newfound flexibility has opened doors for musicians and visual artists to experiment with their craft, resulting in exciting and innovative projects that push the boundaries of traditional music videos.

Here is the link to Jack Johnson – My Mind is For Sale:

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